Ivan Malov

I’m a web engineer from Moscow where I work as a front-end Tech lead at B2B‑Center. My day job is spent building our client-side infrastructure, contributing to the foundations of our front-end codebase and working on the performance.

Starting my career as a freelancer, I learned discipline. Meet deadlines — this is what valued by a client. During that time, I have completed dozens of projects, which, unfortunately, are no longer working now. After a few years, I realized that I was lack the experience. It became clear that it preclude my professional growth. And then I decided to get a big, preferably international company. This company became B2B-Center. I've come a long way from Junior to Tech-lead. I have knowledge in different languages, user experience and interfaces. Worked with PHP, Ruby, Bash, configured NGINX servers. But most of all I get pleasure from modern JavaScript. I think this language is very flexible, it has a huge community, and it just happened, what with JavaScript I have the most experience. Therefore, no matter the server task or the client task, if you need JavaScript developer, you can safely contact me.

Besides the main work, I am happy to participate in side projects. For example, I took part in writing a dashboard for EVEN Foundation — decentralized cross-chain platform. Or in the Moscow «Shower» startup Booosh, where I took CTO role. Unfortunately, the main work and side projects take too much time. And if we talk about Open source, then on my GitHub page you can see not so much code in which I participated. At the same time, there are a lot of closed, not yet decorated, which only in the near future will be brought to mind.

When I have free time, I enjoy to watch art-house movies, reading books on typographic and design, history books, and spending time with my family. But most of all I'm interested in recording things and experimenting with sound. To do this, I use a guitar, modular synthesizers, a lot of wierd pedals and fields records from my Zoom h4n.

I also like to travel. In the summer of 2018, I once again visited Germany and returned to Russia decided to learn German language. After 5 months of study, I'm going to take A1 level. I am will proud to say that I speak three languages: Russian, English and German. Therefore, some pages and articles on this site will be multilingual.